*2nd Baptist is currently closed*


April 1, 2020


Second Baptist Lubbock will continue online and distance programming through Holy Week, Easter and until further notice including:

  • April 9, Maundy Thursday: liturgy for persons and families and small groups (if within guidelines at that time) to share together at home. 
  • April 10, Good Friday: an interactive Stations of the Cross, for use at home.
  • April 12, Resurrection Sunday, we will again join together for worship via technology and video.

All the above can be found at secondb.org. We are mindful that digital content is not the  highest preference. Thus, efforts to include those who may be more isolated, less technological and generally concerned is a constant priority for our staff, deacons and community.  We invite each of you to make every reasonable and appropriate effort to care for one another in your groups, classes, neighborhoods and circles. If we can be of support to you with prayer or resources, please let our team know. 

For many, this is strange and difficult.  For others, this is frustrating. And for some the stakes are as high as possible.  These words are not to spread panic, but demonstrate how the impact of this disruption varies.

Ultimately as a faith community, it is our responsibility to value the well being of people as more important than our regular faith practice. This has always has been the mission of God through the church in the world even if it looks different in this moment.  The church is not a building or an organization. The church is people. And because of this, the church, even in the darkest of moments, is never closed.

I would prefer to clearly communicate the dates and times in which in-person programming will resume.  However, with continuous change in circumstance and evolving best practices from authorities, we do not have enough information to give an exact timeline.  We will of course plan to reconvene as soon as responsibly possible. Until then, I pray for you and join you in prayer for the Kingdom of God’s grace and goodness to prevail in all people and places and powers.

Christ be near to you-

jake and 2nd B

March 14, 2020:
At this time, Second Baptist Church plans to be closed until Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020. All programs at our facility will be discontinued until then. Of course we love to be together in the presence of God’s Spirit and Grace. At this time, we are taking precautions and even sacrificing our preferences for the greater good of our city and world. Your well being and the well being of others is a greater priority than the joy we receive in gathering together. We are mindful of the words of Jesus “to love our neighbors as ourselves.”
As you know this is a dynamic situation. Our Vision and Leadership Team and our Pastoral Staff will continue to evaluate and discern what is best for our congregation and community at large. We covet your wisdom, prayer and generosity. In many respects, this is unprecedented. As much as ever, we have a responsibility to be people of grace and prayer, not fear nor division. 
During the next few weeks, we will publish worship services to our online platforms and connect through various mediums. see facebook.com/secondbaptistlbk and vimeo.com/secondbaptistlbk
As a community, will make every reasonable effort to remain in contact with our faith family, especially those who may be most alone.
Some ways you can be of help:
  • Make decisions that are best for your well being and the well being of others. 
  • Communicate with your group and/or class. Please do not wait for external permission to reach out to people in your group, your class and your community beyond our congregation. You are the hands and feet of Christ. You are the church- not a a building or organization. 
  • Call or email if you have a question or a need. Our team is glad to hear from you and likely, your questions represent information that might be helpful to others.
  • Save and share with us the stories of goodness and grace that you encounter during this time. We want to hear good news and tell it together in gratitude.
  • If you are hungry or in the dark, please let us know.
  • Call a member of our community you know that doesn’t read emails or stream videos online. Share with them encouragement and what is happening in our church.
  • Give online secondb.org/give or mail a gift to our office 6109 Chicago Ave, 79424.
  • Pray for health care professionals, civic leaders, educators, elderly persons, grocers, parents, kiddos and those who experience great concern.
More updates to come. Please stay informed. God bless and be near you.