*In-Person Worship Begins May 31st*


 May 22, 2020 

Second B,

            At this time, we are planning to resume in-person worship services on Sunday, May 31.  Until further notice, we will not have the following ministry programming: childcare, summer camps, small groups, Bible study classes.  We regret the hardship this presents for all.

            Our website, social media and phone system will communicate any potential changes. We thank you for your patience and diligence to monitor these sources for the most up to date announcements.  If you are ever confused, simply call: 806.783.0202.  As we prepare for in-person worship, please remember these actions:


  • We honor and commend those who stay home. Please use discretion and wisdom following the most recent practices for public health cdc.gov/coronavirus
  • We will continue to provide digital access to our worship services at secondb.org
  • To ensure proper capacity for in-person attendance, we ask you to RSVP for 8:30 am or 10:45 am worship services online at secondb.org/rsvp or simply call our office.
  • We intend to clean our space according to appropriate standards before and after worship services. We will direct attendees to enter and exit the building by touching as few surfaces as possible.
  • As we gather for worship it is imperative we keep a safe distance from one another. If you arrive by car, we encourage you to park in every other space.  We understand social distancing is practically a paradox for our faith tradition that celebrates spirit and flesh made one in Christ.  However, it is in the best interest of community wellness to refrain from personal contact.  Greet one another with a holy wave and smile. 
  • We must ask you to hide your beautiful, God-given face with a mask at all times while on site. We will have extra supplies available.
  • We will not congregate or mingle while on campus.
  • We ask family units sit together and leave 2 empty seats (or 6 feet) between others.
  • As, it is not in the best interest of our public health to sing as one congregation. We will present worship through music and word from individuals and instrumentalists.
  • We encourage you to give at secondb.org/give by mail or at the collection boxes near the doors as you exit the Worship Hall.
  • If you would like to make a spiritual decision or request prayer with our pastors, please do so from a safe distance. We are also available via phone and email.  Despite the distance, we are honored to hear from you and pray with you.

We ask for your grace in this process as we seek the well-being of one another and our city (Jeremiah 29:7).  Let us know if we can improve or be of help.  May the rest and joy of Christ be with you-