*Online Only*




For safety, our Second Baptist programing will continue online only at least through January 25, 2020.  This includes worship services and all other programs.  We will not meet in-person during this time.

We thank you for your prayer and ministry in Christ.  All the texts, meals, cards, gifts, calls and kindness you offer to our world and to one another are beyond measure.  You are the body of Christ alive and present.

Our financial office continues all operations and will be available until 4 pm on December 31.  Please contact 806.783.0202 or . Use USPS mail and/or our dropbox at the southeast entrance.

Certainly, there is no substitute for personal contact.  We invite you to join us in contacting your friends, classes and groups within our community.  Share a word of encouragement and ensure updates have been received. 

Info and online programs can be found at secondb.org and facebook.com/secondbaptistlbk

Please let us know If we can be of help to you and pray for you.  There is no boundary or hesitation to the hope we share together.

Peace of Christ be with you