Sunday Service 8:30 am and 10:45 am

BE the Light

Our Mission Implementation Team has challenged us to “BE the LIGHT” by sharing all the places we serve others in our community throughout the year. We want to shine the Light of Christ into all of Lubbock in 2018!

 In order to discover and share where Second B’ers are serving others in our community, we placed a map of Lubbock near our south entrance on which we have marked all the locations that our members are serving to shine Christ’s light. If you want to learn more about potential places to serve, both inside and outside our church walls, please drop by this information station. The touch screen located there will provide you with information from our growing bank of data about ways you can become the Body of Christ in our community.

 2b'ers should let us know where you are serving or placing your commitment, no matter if it is once a week or once a year, at church or elsewhere, by filling out the card you will receive in the mail or find near the information station. Simply place your cards in the box located nearby.

 We are called to shine our light "like stars in the universe" (Philippians 2:15). Let your light shine in 2018. Help us to “Be the Light” of Christ in Lubbock this year! 

Looking for a new way to:

Be the light?

Try one of these:
Security Team Member - Hrs. 8 - 12:30 on Sundays, once every 2 months
Kids Hope Mentors - One kid/One hour/Once a week.  Click here for more information.
Sunday Office Administrator - To answer the phone, check Sunday School rolls, etc.
Adult Sunday School Teaching Subs
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Area of interest. It does not have to be one of those listed above!

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